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Vintage Two Handed Navy Combination Foam & Water Spray Fire Nozzle

Vintage Brass Copper Fire Fighter's Play Pipe

Original "underwriters" style Brass & Copper Play pipe

Child's Corporation Vintage Chemical Tip "Bottle Neck" type fire Nozzle

Vintage solid brass Chemical Tip Nozzle with 3/4 inch hose thread

Elkhart 1937 Brass Fire Nozzle Restored

Set of Matching Brass Play-Pipe Flag Holders complete with wooden oak stands

U.S. Navy Air Acraft Carrier 1 1/2" Brass Combination High Expansion Foam Nozzle

Vintage Brass 2 1/2" Navy Nozzle as mfg. by the Fog Nozzle Company

Matching set of Larkin Restored Brass & Copper Play Pipes

Akron 2 1/2" straight tip nozzle built for a "Mack" fire engine

Large Diameter brass polished deluge tip

Large brass 2.5" x 12" x 1" bore Worrester n/s thread fire nozzle

Very old play pipe type tip, 1800's ?

Polished brass course thread nozzle tip

English style brass fire nozzle in original patina

Assortment of nozzle tips, all brass, three pieces

A. J. Morse company brass Fire Boat type nozzle

Old underwriters fire play pipe nozzle with shut-off valve


Vintage set of two Brass Chemical Fire Nozzles that have been cleaned, buffed, & lacquered

Vintage Solid Brass "Angle" Tip off a Fire Deluge Nozzle

Early leather wrapped American LaFrance 2 1/2" engine fire nozzle

Akron Fire Engine Deluge Cannon

Vintage Flexible Navy Foam Nozzle mfg. By National Aer-O-Foam

Chemical Tip Nickel Plated Fire Nozzle from the late 1800's or early 1900's

Antique Brass Chemical Tip Fire Nozzle from the late 1800's or early 1900's

Polished & Lacquered Brass 2 1/2" Fire Fighting Nozzle 

Forest Fire Nozzle made by the Specialty Company of Orange, California

Chrome Plated Underwriter's Nozzle with 2 1/2" NSH thread pattern

Vintage Brass Chemical Tip Fire Nozzle with "bat handle" shut-off valve

2 1/2" unusual Brass Cellar Fire Nozzle in good original condition

Matching set (2) of "short" style Underwriter Fire Nozzles

Cast iron old fire hose reel, cleaned & painted

Akron U.S. Navy brass 1 1/2" straight tip fire nozzle with red rubber handles

Antique "Self Propelling Nozzle Inc" Cellar Type Fire Nozzle

Restored Cast Iron 1 1/2" Fire Hose Reel 

Rockwood Water Fog Nozzle with Foam Inductor

Santa Rosa 1.5" brass fire nozzle, buffed & lacquered

Antique Fire Nozzle Ttip Believed to be Canadian

American LaFrance Foamite Nozzle with "bat" type handle

Rockwood "Water Fog" 1" booster line type Navy nozzle

Rockwood 1 1/2" brass constucted portalbe foan inductor

Elkhart 2.5" straight tip with chrome finish

Elkhart combination fire nozzle 

World War II Civil Defense fire fighting nozzles(2) & spanner

American La France 1.5" brass straight bore fire nozzle

"ALFCO" 1 1/2" national hose thread straight tip nozzle