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Vintage Two Handed Navy Combination Foam & Water Spray Fire Nozzle

Vintage Brass Copper Fire Fighter's Play Pipe

Original "underwriters" style Brass & Copper Play pipe

Child's Corporation Vintage Chemical Tip "Bottle Neck" type fire Nozzle

Vintage solid brass Chemical Tip Nozzle with 3/4 inch hose thread

Set of Matching Brass Play-Pipe Flag Holders complete with wooden oak stands

Vintage Brass 2 1/2" Navy Nozzle as mfg. by the Fog Nozzle Company

Matching set of Larkin Restored Brass & Copper Play Pipes

Large Diameter brass polished deluge tip

Large brass 2.5" x 12" x 1" bore Worrester n/s thread fire nozzle

Very old play pipe type tip, 1800's ?

Polished brass course thread nozzle tip

English style brass fire nozzle in original patina

Assortment of nozzle tips, all brass, three piece

Old underwriters fire play pipe nozzle with shut-off valve


Elkhart 1937 Brass Fire Nozzle Restored
U.S. Navy Air Acraft Carrier 1 1/2" Brass Combination High Expansion Foam Nozzle

Akron 2 1/2" straight tip nozzle built for a "Mack" fire engine

A. J. Morse company brass Fire Boat type nozzle
Vintage set of two Brass Chemical Fire Nozzles that have been cleaned, buffed, & lacquered

Vintage Solid Brass "Angle" Tip off a Fire Deluge Nozzle

Early leather wrapped American LaFrance 2 1/2" engine fire nozzle

Akron Fire Engine Deluge Cannon

Vintage Flexible Navy Foam Nozzle mfg. By National Aer-O-Foam

Chemical Tip Nickel Plated Fire Nozzle from the late 1800's or early 1900's

Antique Brass Chemical Tip Fire Nozzle from the late 1800's or early 1900's

Polished & Lacquered Brass 2 1/2" Fire Fighting Nozzle 

Forest Fire Nozzle made by the Specialty Company of Orange, California

Chrome Plated Underwriter's Nozzle with 2 1/2" NSH thread pattern

Vintage Brass Chemical Tip Fire Nozzle with "bat handle" shut-off valve

2 1/2" unusual Brass Cellar Fire Nozzle in good original condition

Matching set (2) of "short" style Underwriter Fire Nozzles

Cast iron old fire hose reel, cleaned & painted

Akron U.S. Navy brass 1 1/2" straight tip fire nozzle with red rubber handles

Antique "Self Propelling Nozzle Inc" Cellar Type Fire Nozzle

Restored Cast Iron 1 1/2" Fire Hose Reel 

Rockwood Water Fog Nozzle with Foam Inductor

Santa Rosa 1.5" brass fire nozzle, buffed & lacquered

Antique Fire Nozzle Ttip Believed to be Canadian

American LaFrance Foamite Nozzle with "bat" type handle

Rockwood "Water Fog" 1" booster line type Navy nozzle

Rockwood 1 1/2" brass constucted portalbe foan inductor

Elkhart 2.5" straight tip with chrome finish

Elkhart combination fire nozzle 

World War II Civil Defense fire fighting nozzles(2) & spanner

American La France 1.5" brass straight bore fire nozzle

"ALFCO" 1 1/2" national hose thread straight tip nozzle