U. S Navy Air Acraft Carrier  1 1/2" Brass Combination High Expansion
Foam or Adjustable Water Stream Nozzle. This is a very unique and "heavy"
Fire Fighting Nozzle and the first one I have ever seen. It weighs in at 20+
lbs and measures 30" long x 9 1/2" high at hand grip. It comes with a custom
made display board. It can be switched from "foam" to "water stream" by
flipping the metal switch above the hand grip. The water stream can be
adjusted a fog, fan, or straight stream by rotating the front tip. The Foam
nozzle can be adjusted by rotating the front handle. Everything appears to
operate. There is no mfg.s name plate just a lot of different casting
numbers. We are guessing the vintage at World War Two to Viet Nam Era
because of the all brass construction. This is truly a "one of a kind" fire
nozzle for the collector who has everything and a "nozzle you would not take
to the airport". Looks like something out of "Star Wars".
List price-------------------------------------------$949.00