Vintage Red Comet Fire Extinguisher "Salesman" Kit in excellent condition
complete with fold-out fiber case, brass name plate, complete fire
extinguisher in red plastic enclosure, one demonstrator fire extinguisher
glass enclosure without fluid, two plastic wall holders, one glass bottle of
Red Comet extinguishing agent, one fire link demonstrator with spare links,
8- professionally reproduced 8 x 10 black & white photographs of Red comets
in actual applications, along with "scare" tactic photos of fully involved
house fire, fire scene Pyrene C/T extinguisher hanging on wall, and the
ultimate "The Fire Station On Fire". This kit also includes a "Red Comet"
catalog, sales order book, 2- sales "selling" manuals, and misc. flyers &
demo aids.
List Price--------------------------------------------$495 .00