Fully Restored Federal Signal Mod# "Q1B" Coaster 12 Volt DC Fire Engine
Siren, 1970 model. This very unique working siren has been professionally
mounted on a portable wooden operating platform and wired up with operating
controls as seen in photos. All you need to do is hook up a battery
utilizing the side terminals & jumper cables. It is ready to run thru the
push button start switch and the electric brake switch, which utilizes a
internal starting solenoid. It has been only used by the original owner for
a skating rink's New Year's Eve Celebration. You can see that Federal Signal
marked the mfg's plate accordingly. The chrome front cover was replaced by
Federal Signal. It operates great and we can send a recording if requested.
Be the "First Firefighter in the Neighborhood with One".
List Price----------------------------------------------------$1795.00